Local Attractions near Villa Sawah

From strolling on the beach to having a party in one of the most hype club, there are plenty of amazing things to do around Seminyak.


Ride the Waves

Surfing is one of the must-do activities in Bali and Seminyak especially. Undoubtedly!

Without a doubt, Seminyak owns the best beaches in the southwest area of Bali.

Batu Belig and Petitenget Beach are quite pleasant for surfers as they have quite calm waves among other Bali’s southwest beaches. But you can always take a 15-minutes ride to Canggu beaches for bolder sensations.

Enjoy the Tropical Sunsets

Sunsets in Seminyak are offering their daily natural beauty. These beaches would be your perfect spot to accompany you to end the day.

Nothing beats sipping on a refreshing drink while watching the surfers riding the golden sunset waves.

Pure magic!

Chilling at The Beach Clubs

Can you say you’ve been to Bali if you haven’t been to Potato Head Beach Club on Seminyak Beach?! It only needs 15-minutes scooter-ride to take you there.

Or maybe thinking to having a good time at Café del Mar Bali? Ride your scooter in less than 15-minutes to get you there.

Not to mention many local beach clubs lines up along the Seminyak coastline.

You will never run out of choices.

Dancing at Seminyak Most-Hype Clubs​

Southern Bali is full of cool cafes and bars, so if you’re wondering what to do around Seminyak at night, here are a few recommendations.

A quirky spot to check out is Motel Mexicola. It’s a cozy Mexican-style restaurant by day and wild club by nights.

Or care for something more gleaming? You can head to ShiShi Nightclub, a dazzling nightclub at Petitenget area.

Get Wet at Splash Waterpark

What if I have the hottest days of the year during my Bali vacation?

Well, of course, you will spend most of your time in your swimming pool.

But if you are looking for some mood change, Splash Waterpark in the Berawa area will be a great choice to spend the hottest days. It only needs less than 20-minutes to reach it from your villa.